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How to ensure stable trading environment

Origin sources liquidity from 50 of the world’s largest banks and interbank dealers to ensure that you receive the optimal market price and reduce your trading costs. Your order will be matched within a pool of deep liquidity sourced from our liquidity providers and then sent to your MT4 trading account.

Origin has an industry leading global infrastructure set up, with trading and liquidity source servers and data centres set up in Sydney and London with an optimal connection that sees clients receive ultra-low latency and lightning fast executions down to the millisecond.

Furthermore, Origin has implemented a special connection between Hong Kong and London including proxy server access, solving any barriers of entry to China and further promotes the the stability of the MT4 platform.

As an ECN forex broker (Electronic Communication Network), Origin runs a no dealing desk model where the current best bid and ask prices are sourced from our liquidity providers. This means that only the best prices are passed to the client instantly.

The direct and anonymous ECN forex broker model ensures that orders are completely equal, anonymous and fair with no dealer intervention by the broker. Origin traders can have absolute confidence that the prices they see are being directly sourced from the interbank market without manipulation.



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Origin ECN
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Full access to Expert Advisors (EAs)

Quotes displayed in real time.
Locked position functionality and easy to use, flexible ordering.
Ability to manage risk via stop loss and take profit levels.
Minimal system resources required to install and run.

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US Market Break on Martin Luther King Day 2017
Origin 2017马丁路德金日休市公告

Dear Valued Clients,

Please note the early close of the following instruments due to the Martin Luther King Day on 16th, January, 2017. The US financial markets will resume to normal operation on 17th, January, 2017. Please carefully review the table below to understand our announced trading hours.

US Market Break on Martin Luther King Day 2017
  周日15th,Jan. 周一16th,Jan. 周二17th,Jan.
FOREX Markets Close Normal Trading Hours Normal Trading Hours
外汇 休市 正常交易 正常交易
CL-OIL Markets Close Close 19:30 Normal Trading Hours
原油 休市 19:30收盘 正常交易
XAUUSD Markets Close Close 19:30 Normal Trading Hours
黄金 休市 19:30收盘 正常交易
XAUAUD Markets Close Close 19:30 Normal Trading Hours
黄金 休市 19:30收盘 正常交易
XAGUSD Markets Close Close 19:30 Normal Trading Hours
白银 休市 19:30收盘 正常交易
XAUAUD Markets Close Close 19:30 Normal Trading Hours
白银 休市 19:30收盘 正常交易

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact our support team members via email: info_asia@originecn.cn.

Origin Markets LTD